Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some most frequently asked questions about our products. If you have a question - send us an email - we'll respond as soon as it is humanly possible!


Q: What are the outside dimensions of the Wool Pet Cave?

A: Approximately 12 inches high x 20 inches across. Because it is a hand-made product, dimensions may vary slightly.

Q: How big is the Pet Cave opening?

A: The hole is approximately 8-9 inches in diameter.

Q: Can the Pet Cave be washed?

A: We recommend spot cleaning only with warm water and a towel. You can also use a vacuum or a lint roller to pick up the hair. 

Q: Will it fit a 15 lb (or bigger) cat? 

A: Yes. The Pet Cave is quite large: 12x20 inches. And cats will fit into anything their head will fit through.

Q: Does the Pet Cave collapse easily?

A: No. The Pet Cave is made of thick wool and will stand up quite well. You can collapse it by hand to make it into a bed and shape it so it's becomes a cosy cat-bed.

Q: Is it hot inside of the Pet Cave in the summer?

A: Wool is a natural thermostat. It's warm during the cold days, but cool inside on a hot day. We've never heard of a cat complaining that something is "too warm" though. 

Q: Are the wool balls durable?

A: That depends on how ferocious your cat or your dog is...but we found they last a while.