About Us

ECO-Tails is a family run business. As animal lovers and pet owners everyone contributes to the success of our little enterprise. Meet our team:

Quality Control and Customer Relations

Our siamese cat, Prima (also called by the kids Kiddo), has been adopted from a Kitten Rescue operation when she was nine months old. At the ripe old age of 10, she spends most of her days cozied up in her cave occasionally getting up for some food and snuggles. In her official capacity, Prima is our quality control specialist and new product tester - if she doesn't love it - we don't sell it. 

 Mom - CEO

Never the one to sit still, Mom is the brains of this operation. An interior designer by day, entrepreneur by night, and mom all the time, she is responsible for running the company, interacting with suppliers, order fulfillment, social media presence, and everything in between.

 Savanna - Chief Creative Officer

As the only artistically inclined member of our family, Savanna is responsible for coming up with pet cave designs, color choices and patterns. A self-declared cat-obsessed person, she is supports our Social Responsibility mission by fostering kittens through our local kitten rescue charitable organization. 

 Scarlett - Head of Corporate Social Responsibility

With plans to be an "Animal Rights Lawyer" when she grows up, our six-year-old is the head of corporate social responsibility. Her role is to decide which of our local animal shelters and animal charities gets a portion of our proceeds. She is also chiefly responsible for our Kiddo's well-being, feeding, grooming and playtime.

 Dad - CIO

Web design, IT support and odd jobs. Have you tried turning it on and off again?